YouTube Marketing Challenge – 90 Videos/90 Days – Video Marketing Tips & Strategy For Video Traffic

YouTube Marketing Challenge – 90 Videos/90 Days – Video Marketing Tips & Strategy For Video Traffic

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YouTube Marketing Challenge – 90 videos in 90 days.

This video marks the completion of this marketing challenge and is video number 90 for me and this channel. The goal was to start driving video traffic from YouTube fast…

If you want a higher level ‘theory’ of Youtube marketing and the real opportunity you have to drive video traffic, check out this video:

This is an organic internet marketing strategy and if you put these video marketing tips in play for your content marketing efforts you will see a growth in your audience size, in the number of minutes watched and subscribers on your YouTube channel.

I did minimal video SEO or YouTube SEO and some days didn’t even post a video description as I was uploading videos from my cell phone while traveling. This is #VideoMarketing anyone can do.

If you want to see where I was at with my channel growth at day 30, check out this video:

In this video you will see the results of this marketing challenge as I show you inside of my YouTube analytics for the channel.

Also, you will see the results of traffic to my blog through my Google Analytics dashboard.

Finally you will see many of the first page of Google victories that I’ve been able to achieve with this marketing challenge.

At this point, my audience is growing, people are clicking through to affiliate products and to my website and I’m more excited than ever to keep going.

Not only have I created a new habit over these 90 days, but I’ve gotten much more comfortable speaking on camera and using the different tools and software… Even though they are incredibly minimal.

So if you have been wanting to learn how to drive organic traffic through the search engines, Google and YouTube…

I invite you to do your own 90 day YouTube challenge and get your audience growing, interacting and engaging… one video at a time!

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