Where to Start Selling Products Online and Increase Digital Marketing Effectiveness?

Where to Start Selling Products Online and Increase Digital Marketing Effectiveness?

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Using WooCommerce as a WordPress plugin as seen at https://woocommerce.com/ is one of the easiest ways to begin selling any product online while selling video courses as seen at https://www.thinkific.com/ tends to provide the most potential while taking a lot more investment in terms of time and money. My WooCommerce shop is at http://jerrybanfield.com/shop/ while my video courses are available at https://u.jerrybanfield.com/.

To increase digital marketing effectiveness, focusing on providing amazing personal service to existing clients tends to work the best for generating referrals and sustainable growth. For example, one of the few referrals I have got to a doctor’s office in the last several years was from an appointment at the allergist where the technician recommended I see a dermatologist that she had been going to for over ten years and loved. Bonnie and I talk in more detail about this in the video along with featuring her new Halloween specials on here Chirocode Quick Coding Sheets and 2018 ChiroCode DeskBook as listed below!

These will be available soon at http://www.billingbuddies.com/shop/ and for early access at the special rates, text Bonnie at 612.432.2366 or email bonnie@billingbuddies.com.

Billing Buddies—Halloween Specials
Save Hours of Time through 2018 ChiroCode Quick Coding Sheets – 5.00
* Diagnosis and Documentation For Disc Disorders
* Diagnosis and Documentation For Headaches
* Diagnosis and Documentation For Subluxation
* Diagnosis and Documentation For Muscle Conditions
* Diagnosis and Documentation For Pain
* Diagnosis and Documentation For Radiculopathy Sciatica
* Diagnosis and Documentation For Sprain-Strain
2018 ChiroCode DeskBook—4.00

The ChiroCode DeskBook is your comprehensive go-to chiropractic reimbursement manual for the support you
need to get paid properly and keep it. This comprehensive resource includes chapters on Insurance Reimbursement
and Claims, Medicare, Compliance, Documentation, Diagnosis Codes (ICD-10-CM), Procedure Codes (CPT®),
and Supply Codes (HCPCS).
We are excited to also include in our 2018 edition:
* Audit templates to help you perform your own internal audits
* ICD-10 chapter with commonly used codes and tips for chiropractic offices
* Annual update checklists for practical monthly compliance steps, including training
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from our HelpDesk, compiled into one handy reference
Combo Special—2018 Coding Cards and Deskbook—4.00
Billing Buddies Compliance Manual—9.00
Compliance Manual Prepared with Editable Word Doc
One Hour of Training Included

Thank you for reading about this video which was included in partnership with Bonnie Flom as described at http://jerrybanfield.com/partners/.

Jerry Banfield

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