What is SEO and why do I need it for my business website?

What is SEO and why do I need it for my business website?

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http://www.peakinboundmarketing.com Here’s what Search Engine Optimization is and how it can help you get more business from your company’s website.
Hi, I’m Don Seckler, I’m the CEO and Chief Strategist of Peak Inbound Marketing. We’re a digital marketing agency that works with companies to help them get more business from their company website.

So one of the questions that I get asked most often by prospects and also by clients is, “What is SEO and why do I need it for my business website?” Well let’s start with SEO. SEO is Search Engine Optimization, that’s the practice of making sure that your website works well with Google, that you’re able to be found by your ideal prospect, that’s the real core of the issue, is that you want your company website to help you generate business. And so there are a lot of aspects to SEO, we’re not gonna go into them all right here right now, but if you start by understanding Google’s main purpose, it helps understand the process of how the search engine’s work.

Google’s main goal is to satisfy searcher intent, even if somebody doesn’t know how to ask for something properly, Google wants to give them the right answer. So with that in mind you wanna make sure that you have content on your website that answers questions that your prospects might ask or problems that they might have that your business can solve for them. So that kind of content needs to be on your website so that Google can find it and put you in the search engine results for that content or that question when that prospect asks it.

One key thing that I find on a lot of company websites is that often different services or products are combined on one page. Now that’s an okay practice on a home page because a home page is really an introduction to your entire site. But Google looks at individual pages of your website individually and it evaluates them for a particular query that a user is asking. So you wanna make sure that those services or products each live on their own page so you can fully describe what they are, what you do for the client, what you do for your prospect, what problems you do solve for them; that’s a big issue.

Another thing you can do, here’s a great idea, is you can start blogging. And people always say, “Well I don’t have time to blog, I don’t know what to blog about”. Well, here’s an easy way to get started with blogging. Write down just on a piece of paper, keep it by your desk, take a couple of weeks, write down every question you’ve ever been asked by a prospect or a client. Right there each one of those questions answer it in a blog post, try to do about 600 words or so, write naturally, just answer the question and publish that to your website and that’ll be a great start for you with content, alright?

So check back here, if you like these tips that I’ve given you, click the subscribe button over here and subscribe and that way you’ll get notified. We’re going to be releasing these videos every couple of days with new tips and other ways for you to get more business from your company’s website. Thanks for watching, take care, have a great day.

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