What is Google Keyword Planner and its Benefits in SEO | Seo Tips and Tricks

What is Google Keyword Planner and its Benefits in SEO | Seo Tips and Tricks

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Whenever we talk about keyword research, one name which always comes in mind is ‘Google Keyword Planner’. Every blogger wants to know the method of using Google Keyword Planner tool. But it is not that easy. You should have basic information of ‘Google Keyword Planner’ before started using it.



Whenever we search anything on the search engine, Google provides many search results correspond to that set of words. However, Every word you used to search something on the search engine that is known as a ‘Keyword’. Besides, Search engine page results which are displayed on the first page are most benefited than other sites. User mostly views result pages which are displayed on the first page of search engine.






Every blogger needs to write high-quality content for their blogs to make it successful. Moreover, A high-quality blog drives more traffic to your site. Additionally, It makes your blog SEO optimized and helps to make your blog appear on the first page of organic results. If your blog is SEO optimized and still it is not able to drive traffic to your site, it means you are doing something wrong.







The reason behind this may be that you are doing black Hat SEO for your website or blog. If you are not doing Black Hat SEO on your website than another reason could be that you are not writing the post which people are searching for. Other reason could be you’re not able to make your post SEO friendly. There is one solution to these problems which is adding target keywords in the blog content.

By using top level keywords to your blog, your post will become viral. Your blog will get higher ranking in search engine results page. For searching top level keywords, you have to do ‘Keyword Research’. A Large number of tools are available on the internet for keyword research. ‘Google AdWords Keyword Planner’ is the most popular tool for keyword research.

Whether you are making a video for your YouTube channel or writing a high-quality blog, you need a top level keyword. Also, You cannot have the good ranking of your post without using a top level keyword for your post. Moreover, If your blog is optimized with top level keywords, your blog will get good ranking in search engine results. You can search top various top level keywords with Google Keyword Planner.

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