What I Learned About Business After Being a Digital Nomad for a Month

What I Learned About Business After Being a Digital Nomad for a Month

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Read more lessons from my trip: http://okdork.com/trip-to-israel/

Recently, I traveled to Israel for a 1-month sabbatical.

I wanted to step away from my routine in Austin, TX and think outside the box.

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get trapped inside our routine:
1) Wake up
2) Start working
3) Go to sleep

Rinse and repeat day… after day… after day.

The problem: This can cause a business to stagnate.

If you’re not growing, innovating, and pushing new ideas — then someone else is.

Today, I want to share with you 3 entrepreneur lessons I learned stepping away from my normal routine for a month.

Use these lessons to start and grow your business, be happier, and find more success in your life.

My 3 main tips:
0:05 focus
1:18 clear goals + autonomy
2:04 take time away


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