Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 142 Replay

Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 142 Replay

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0:00 Intro and announcements

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6:00 Introducing our special guests, Bill & Lem

8:00 I’m building out a national lead gen site with a separate page for about 600 cities across the U.S. and in a niche which has several sub-niches. Going to be 3,000+ pages once I’m done. I’ve watched your videos on both simple and complex silo structures. I’m definitely using the complex one: example.com/State/City/Service1 My question: I notice that my Genesis child theme has a breadcrumbs option. When I enable it for pages, I got to thinking that these breadcrumb links are going to bleed my juice, but they basically are linking back up to the higher levels within the silo which is what I’m doing anyhow within the text of my pages using contextual links. Is there any SEO benefit to leaving the breadcrumb feature enabled or should I just turn it off and link from within the body of my pages?

12:00 Also, on my home page, I have all 50 states (top of silos) listed in columns. Is this an ok way to allow link juice that points to my root domain to flow thru and be spread amongst each silo (state)?

Thank you guys for everything! Your Serpspace IFTTT networks have been an essential part of my ranking strategy and your customer service is awesome too.

15:00 I find your concept and your course of contentkingpin very interesting.
But I have a question!

It is clear that with “NoFollow” Links, there is no problem with the Linkjuice.
But, as i know, it is also a fact that Domainauthority is also influenced by NoFollowLinks.

29:00 To dominate a number of local areas using Google Places, is it possible to use post offices as the “satellite” locations? Then once I get the verification card, use the option to not display the address? Will Google shut this strategy down? Is anyone doing this?

35:00 I’m starting to be active in Google Local Guides:
I’m at level 3 now.

Can you share some tips on what we can do to take advantages of being a part of that program?

38:00 Question for Bill & Lem – YouTube TV is now available in my area (Bradley) – what is the implication of that and what could be done with that (in terms of people choosing what to watch and Google having that analytics to target ads…)?

46:00 Hey guys, so recently I’ve been getting more traction with my SEO/lead-gen business, and while it’s been successful, I started thinking about taking a vacation. How do you guys handle vacations, at least when you started out? Do you just tell the clients you’re leaving for 2 weeks? Or not leave at all till you have VAs who can keep things going?

53:00 2) Last week I asked about starting an alpha campaign for my home building adwords campaign. The alpha keyword was [fort mcmurray home builders]. It got 9 out of 32 clicks in one month. Since then, I noticed a second keyword has gotten 5 clicks. This is [home builders fort mcmurray]. My question is, is the second keyword different enough from the first to warrant it’s own campaign? Or do I stick it in the first?

54:00 Did you already have some problem with like recipes? Most of the videos on the channel (client) were also liked. I tried to unlike to then like but is not working properly. Any tips about it?
I’m able to like other channels vídeos, but not my own.

Maybe we should delete all videos from like list before connecting to IFTTT? Maybe they save all already liked videos, don’t know how does it work on the IFTTT side.

55:00 What is the best most effective way to dominate local search for adjacent cities (small) and towns to a retail location?

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