Video SEO – How to Rank #1 in YouTube | YouTube tips and tricks

Video SEO – How to Rank #1 in YouTube | YouTube tips and tricks

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Video SEO – How to Rank #1 in YouTube | YouTube tips and tricks
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All we know that youtube is second biggest search engine on the planet after google, it generates an estimate 92 billion page view each month which also provides huge traffic to different websites and blogs, and about 35 hours of video are uploaded every minute.

Learn the Tips for making your Youtube Videos Search friendly

1. Title of the video – Use Keywords

Video title is the name of your video by which one can know that what is inside your video

2. Description of video.

Write description about your video content, first 2-3 lines matters a lot to rank your video high in search engine, give a short description in 2-3 line which cover the theme of your video and what is going to be inside the video.

3. Naming your video file before upload.

You have created and edited your video and it is ready to upload on youtbe, but you rendered your video file as mov001.avi or random_name.mp4, make sure you rename your video as your_keyword.mp4,

4. Use closed caption (CC) feature in your video on youtube.

Use closed caption feature of youtube, this will shows your text over the video which helps viewer to understand your video narration and can be translated into different languages, upload transcript of video

5. Tagging & Keyword research for YouTube video.

Tags are another important way to get ranking in youtube search, here are few tips to put tags in your video

List specific tags first :- Write your main keyword first, doing this will put weight in algorithms.

List general tags :- Write general and matching keyword

6: YouTube video backlink

Youtube backlinks count as text links pointing to the traditional way of SEO and embed videos on other pages as inserts. This tool enables you to increase the number embed inserted at different sites automatically.

Tip #7: Get friendly with annotations.

When YouTube launched their Creator Playbook last year, they revealed that their search algorithm favors videos that drive traffic to other videos through annotations.

Tip #8: Create playlists.

Playlists get indexed separately from individual videos so they give you the opportunity to appear in YouTube search results multiple times (e.g. you could get a result for one of your videos and a result for a playlist with lots of your videos at the same time).

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