The Intense Guide On Digital Media Marketing Guided Info: By Guided Info | Ebook

The Intense Guide On Digital Media Marketing Guided Info: By Guided Info | Ebook

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With computers and the Internet, came digital advertising. Through this assignment I undertake the responsibility of taking a stroll down memory lane, revisiting the history of digital phase. The world of digital media is changing at a phenomenal pace. Its constantly evolving technologies, and the way people are using them, are transforming not just how we access our information, but how we interact and communicate with one another on a global scale.its also changing the way we choose and buy our products and services. People are embracing digital technology to communicate in ways that would have been inconceivable just a few short years ago. No longer, the preserves of tech-savvy early adopters, digital technologies are today being seamlessly integrated by ordinary people into their everyday lives.from Sms updates on their favorite sports teams to a free video call with relatives on the other side of globe, to collaborative online gaming and much more, much more: ordinary people, your customers, are starting to use digital media without giving it a second thought.the global online population was around 2.1 billion at the end of March 2011(internet World Stats). In the developed world, internet access is becoming practically ubiquitous, and the widespread availability of always on broadband connections means that the people are now going online daily to do everything from checking their bank statement to shopping for their groceries, to playing games.what makes this digital revolution so exciting is that its happening right now. We are living through it, and we have a unique opportunity to jump in and be part of this historic the pages that follow we will take you on journey into the world of digital marketing. We will show you how it all started, how it got to where it is today, and where thought leaders in the industry believe its heading in the future. Most important of all, we will show you, in a practical, no nonsense way, how you can harness the burgeoning power of digital media to drive your business to the crest of this digital marketing wave, and how to keep it there

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