The Future Of Sales : Artificial Intelligence (AI ) IN DIGITAL MARKETING

The Future Of Sales : Artificial Intelligence (AI ) IN DIGITAL MARKETING

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It is well known that 2017 will be the year of bots

We will do less navigation with apps & more talking with the bots
Artificial Intelligence will accelerate marketing & sales. It will take over all the boring stuff & marketers can concentrate on where human interaction is needed
You are sitting on your desk & your virtual assistance shows you traffic for tomorrow using predictive analysis
It will show you how many sign ups & new customers you are likely to bring in tomorrow
Your virtual assistance will tell you to call up a prospect since he has a good conversion rate with 1 on 1 conversation
It can even tell you the favorite team of your prospect so that you can break the ice
Robots are going to make marketing easier. They are not going to replace marketing & marketing teams
Even today, you can use AI to manage all your apps through one app
You can schedule meetings
You can even integrate chatbots that act like personal sales assistant
There are tools, which can do predictive analysis for you. They can give you information on what your customers are going to do next

The shift to AI is happening and at some point you need to figure out how to fit AI into your marketing strategy

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