The Future of Marketing: Digital  Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017

The Future of Marketing: Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017

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Imagine traveling by time machine and knowing the future trends…

Marketing would be much easier

Knowing which technologies would end up having impact on your marketing would save you from wasting time and money on different platforms

With future insights, you can understand your target audience and make plans to engage them

So, let’s make some predictions for 2017

1. Data Driven Decisions

What should be the color of your call to action button?

How much text should we use in a landing page?

In 2017, marketers will make more data based decisions

The art of marketing is turning into a science

With all the analytics you can track website visitors, CTA clicks, bounce rate etc

Marketers will scientifically analyze what’s working and what’s not

2. Personalized Campaigns

Music listening apps like Spotify& Pandora allow users to create personalized playlists

Amazon recommends products according to the interests of the users

So how will you show your content to your target audience?

Create a buyer persona of your audience and then plan your ad campaigns

3. Native Ads

In 2015, native ad spend was around billion

In 2017, it is estimated to reach billion

People were seeing fewer traditional Ads and are using plugins like Ad blocker

Publishers were earning less so the new model took over

Native Ads are designed to fir naturally into publications without interrupting the user interface of the website

4. Responsive Design

Google now considers responsive design as a ranking factor

Responsive design does not mean only mean a mobile friendly website

A responsive design fits into every device on which Internet can be used

With new mobiles, new tablets & new screen sizes coming every month, you should be ready with your responsive design to take on the future

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