SEO Tips For Beginners

SEO Tips For Beginners

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“Thump The Competition – Establishing A Superior Web Presence”

Listen in as Dr. Mike Reid interviews Kelly Wray Denke, Vice President of Thump Local to discuss real-time strategies to get (and keep) your online presence at the top placement on major online directories and search engines within 1 week.

You’ll Learn:

– Top ways to use reviews and testimonials to circulate positive feedback across multiple channel.

– Power Listing: using the top directories to list your practice to increase visibility, relevance and consistency.

– How to ensure your website is “responsive”?

– PPC: Managing your pay-per-click campaigns to ensure high conversion rates.

– Keeping your audience engaged through content and targeting.

– Analytics: make numbers your best friends! How to keep up-to-the-minute reporting and how to use those results to gain traction online.

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