SEO Keyword Tips

SEO Keyword Tips

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To learn more about using SEO for Business, check out ( In this video, Boot Camp Digital CEO and Social media expert Krista Neher shares why Search Engine Optimization strategy is crucial to getting your business more leads, and how pick the right keywords to use to improve your listing.

Before you can get to the top of Google you need to first think about what words get you there! Use the Google Keyword tool to help brainstorm keywords (

Tips for keyword selection for SEO:

1) Choose words that have high purchase intent, but aren’t too competitive
2) Check that people actually search for these words- balance your effort with how valuable your words may be

For more SEO marketing tips and tricks, and to learn how SEO marketing can get results, join us live or online for our in-depth training. With SEO training, you can learn how to get to the top of Google and guarantee to reach more fans and consumers.

For more information on Boot Camp Digital’s social media training programs, visit

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