Quick Tips: 3 Tools to Maximize the Value of Your Content Marketing

Quick Tips: 3 Tools to Maximize the Value of Your Content Marketing

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Are you super busy and need to make your marketing work for you but you aren’t sure how to do this quickly AND effectively?

In this video, I show you the three simple tools (all free) I use with my clients and students to make sure we are creating content our audiences wants and needs.

And remember your best strategy it is to listen intently to your customers Andrew find valuable and helpful answers to their questions.

If you find this video helpful please share it with anyone you think you could benefit. Hey just wanted to quick share a quick tip this is Don Stanley digital with Don and a bunch of my clients in the students in my digital marketing class at University Wisconsin are starting to run through and really start building their digital marketing strategies for themselves as they develop their personal brands and getting on in their areas with the business and what I want to really point out as one quick tip I wish I don’t know because this applies to so many different areas in life and that is don’t be paralyzed by perfection I’m a recovering perfectionist my of former business coach a great guy love and really helped me out Mitch Matthews taught me to think of myself as a recovering perfectionist not a perfectionist and he showed me all of these examples throughout history of people do great things to focus on progress in moving forward and learning and iterating and improving and learning and entering and improving as a one of the things I want to make sure that you pay attention to is this idea of focusing on progress and not perfection but it sounds simple it’s really easy to teach to other people until other people hey do this think about this but that the the big challenges that it’s hard to do on our own lives did not great to have high standards and high expectations for yourself it’s great to want to do your best but if you get so focused on perfection the problem is you’re never going to hit publish and have thing sitting in your head sticking your head floating in your head and you’re never ever ever going to get it out one of my other mentors carry will percent of its always will say that what you
Want to focus on is getting it’ll perfect and stuck in your head never makes a difference to the people you serveWhat makes a difference is publishing so even if it’s in perfect not in accurate and not wrong but in perfect meaning it was not the best grammar or maybe not the perfect lighting or maybe like this video because I’m holding my phone that he is a little bit shaky it’ll just get it done share what you have with your audience and you serve them and you can make a much bigger impact than ruminating over in your head over and over and over about try have things perfectly ripe soap you find that helpful I appreciate you and appreciate the people that taught me this lesson hope you find the value if you do please share it out thanks!

Be a B.O.S.S.

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