Online Marketing Rule 1 – Why Providing Just VALUE Only Makes You POOR

Online Marketing Rule 1 – Why Providing Just VALUE Only Makes You POOR

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If you are struggling to make money with Internet marketing then probably it has to do with the concept I am about to share with you in this video.

One of the biggest reasons why many internet marketers barely scrap the barrel is because they think they need to provide huge amounts of free valuable information in order for them to make money online.

However, the problem is the rarely or never promote products. Of course, if you aren’t promoting any product or service then it is extremely hard for you to make money.

I don’t blame newbies for believing in this idea. I also failed many years online because I listened to famous markets telling me to, “Provide value and sporadically promote a product”. Otherwise, my audience wouldn’t want to follow me because nobody likes to be sold.

For this reason, I spent years without doing much money.

If you are serious about changing your financial situation online then this is one of those concepts you must change. Just by changing this mindset, you will start doing a lot more money online in the next months.

The fact is you must be constantly or nearly always in promotion mode. Otherwise, it will be extremely hard for you to make any money. Of course, some people won’t enjoy your content. But that doesn’t matter, those people weren’t there to buy anything in the first place.

If you have any question just leave it right below! Thanks for watching, stay tune with Prositetutorials!

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