“Number 1 Rated Realtor on Social Media with over 60K Instagram Followers” Jenny Delich

“Number 1 Rated Realtor on Social Media with over 60K Instagram Followers” Jenny Delich

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#1 Rated Realtor On Social Media, Jenny Delich, sits down with Joshua for today’s round of GSD Mode Podcast! Jenny has been featured in the past on MTV’s The Real World, but nowadays she is a badass realtor killing the social media game! With 60k followers on her Instagram platform, Jenny learned how to gain followers, build her real estate business, run paid ads on Facebook and Instagram to boost her business, and much more. And she even has her own fitness program that is top notch! Don’t miss this one!

0:01 – Introduction
6:10 – Interview Start
7:40 – What led you down this path of entrepreneurship?
10:50 – Did you go to college and then get into real estate or did you dive straight in?
13:45 – How did you go from school, to MTV, to real estate?
16:00 – How did you go about building such a massive social media presence?
18:50 – What are some things you’ve done to make sure that you don’t fail in real estate in the first 3 years?
23:00 – Social media tips for realtors
25:40 – Things you do to keep it personal on your business pages
30:00 – Tips and tricks to gain more social media followers
34:00 – Is there a difference between Facebook & Instagram presence?
36:30 – Do you run Paid Instagram Ads as well?
39:40 – Social media NO’s
44:00 – Some things you do to stay in a positive mindset and not succumb to negativity
47:40 – The wolf doesn’t worry about the sheep
48:40 – Fitness/Nutrition Business she runs
52:00 – How important is your personal health to you?
54:00 – How do you maintain a work/life/parental balance?
59:00 – Where do you want to take your real estate career?
1:00:00 – Where to follow Jenny
1:00:45 – Last pieces of advice for GSD listeners







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