Marketing Tips: Why Most Marketeers Are Frigging About

Marketing Tips: Why Most Marketeers Are Frigging About

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Highlight from ‘Haroon’s Hangout’ episode 78 – Why Great Marketing Starts With A Business Model


In this episode, Haroon Rashid (Head of Digital Marketing, Khemeia Consulting) talks about why you need to first build a business model in order to create a stronger marketing plan.

Haroon says that most marketeers will go into a new project with tunnel vision. They don’t consider the bigger picture. They don’t consider the business as a whole.

How can you create a strong marketing plan if you don’t understand the business? (Financial goals, turnover, profit margins, projected cashflow forecasts, number of employees, geographical reach, the business vision etc.)

The thing most marketeers will shy away from is the finances, because they don’t want to be held responsible. They don’t know how to make money. They’re good at making you look good with design and pretty pictures – but that is branding, not marketing. Marketing is lead generation. Lead generation is supposed to give you leads that your sales team can convert. Simple.

Marketing is intrinsically linked to the finances. If you’re not considering the finances of the business then you are “frigging about” as Haroon says.

‘Haroon’s Hangout’ is a Khemeia Network original programme.

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