Marketing Tips: Skip the Celebrity – Use Influencers Instead

Marketing Tips: Skip the Celebrity – Use Influencers Instead

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Mark Fidelman explains why most celebrity marketing campaigns are not ROI friendly and why influencers have bigger bang for the buck.

According to an internal TapInfluence data analysis working with Celebrities on an ROI basis is dumb, while working with high engagement influencers is much smarter and you’ll get a higher ROI
From our perspective, they are right – most of the time. We have worked with celebrities that brought 50,000 email signups in 30 days, they also have higher engagement than most influencers, but lower conversion to purchase.
Kanye West is a notable exception
In reality, working with influencers (especially on YouTube and Pinterest) will far surpass celebrities in ROI and in most cases, will lead to higher brand recall because of the authenticity and trust they’ve established directly with their audience.
But it takes a sophisticated agency to understand how to make this ROI to create the right campaigns and creative, negotiate a fair deal and ensure the content resonates with your audience.
In our experience, 99% of brands should skip the celebrity and bring on influencer ambassadors instead that help you build a community (we use an advocate community called Influitive) of their targeted followers around your brand.

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