#MakUtpatTV Epidosde 22: Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast- 7 Tips for Digital Transformation

#MakUtpatTV Epidosde 22: Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast- 7 Tips for Digital Transformation

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At its core, digital transformation and digital initiatives are all about disruption and about change. In order to get most bang for your buck, you have to make sure that organization culture and its strategy/ roadmap feed each other off (rather than one eating other).

Irrespective of any digital initiative you are embarking on (e.g. Cloud Computing, Mobility, Digital Marketing, Analytics, Big Data,
IoT, Social Media Branding, Improving Customer Experience), it can go only so far if organization’s culture is not conducive to the new changes being envisioned through digital initiatives.

Peter Drucker is considered as the Father of modern management theory. His quote “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast” has remained one of the profound quotes.

In this episode, I take a stab at why is it important for any organization to align its culture while executing digital strategy.

I describe 7 tips in terms of how organizations can achieve it:
1)Applying zero based thinking
2)Defining the clear intent and outcomes in terms of goals, vision, ROI
3)Rallying the teams to make vision a reality
4)Advancing organization’s branding efforts by involving its workforce
5)Engaging business community
6)Streamlining business processes and creating robust IT capabilities
and finally
7)Maintaining an appetite for risks and experimentation

Enjoy and thanks for watching.

Appreciate your time visiting my channel.

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