Internet Marketing Small Business – Internet Marketing Small Businesses – Small Business Marketing

Internet Marketing Small Business – Internet Marketing Small Businesses – Small Business Marketing

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Internet marketing for a small business can certainly be a challenge. Business owners’ main concern is running their business,
and let’s face it, that’s their speciality. Small business marketing is an entirely different skill set and one that
local business owners frequntly lack expertise in.

When small, local businesses think of marketing they often choose the options that are easy and familiar. These include advertising
in the Yellow Pages and perhaps other similar directories, and of course local newspaper ads. These options are often chosen as
they are easy to understand. The trouble is, these days those advertisiting platforms are not as effective as they used to be. Below
you’ll see why:

When someone has an urgent problem, such as a tooth ache, do they look all over their house to try find the local newspaper because
there may be an Ad in it for a local dentist? Of course not. They search on the internet because they’ll get instant answers to their
specific problem. We live in a world of ‘immediate’ information and paper-based advertising simply cannot compete. If you use Google
to search for things then why presume that your customers would search a newspaper for you?

People love reading reviews and reading other people’s opinions about companies, products and services. Such reviews give confidence
to prospective customers and very often these reviews can seal the deal. No paper based advertising medium has the capability of having

Cost. Newspaper Ads and directory listings cost a fortune! Plus, considering how infrequently people are actually searching these Ads
it won’t take you long to realise that you are spending more than you are actually earning.


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