Inbound Marketing Tips – Buyer Personas

Inbound Marketing Tips – Buyer Personas

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For your reference we have posted a transcript below:

Hey everyone, my name’s Brett. Today in our series of inbound marketing tutorials, I’m going to give a brief introduction on what buyer personas are and why your business needs them to be successful.

Buyer personas are fictional representations of ideal customers and are essential in every step of the inbound methodology. Personas help us all: marketing, sales, products and services. They help us understand our ideal customer and relate to them as real humans.

Having a deep understanding of your buyer persona is critical in driving content creation, product development, sales followup and basically anything related to customer acquisition and retention. Millions of people are using the internet every single day but understanding who your buyer persona is, you as a business will be able to spend your time in the same place as these people are. Whether it’s simply doing google searches or spending their time on social media platforms like facebook, linkedn, twitter, or instagram.

Having buyer personas will allow you to attract high quality, unique website visitors. Potential customers are searching online every single day for questions or concerns they have about your industry or business. You as a business need to make sure that when they’re searching for you, you show up number 1.

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