ICO Review: Friendz (FDZ)  – Decentralized Digital Marketing

ICO Review: Friendz (FDZ) – Decentralized Digital Marketing

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Friendz is a mobile app that lets its users to participate in digital marketing campaigns by posting on social media.

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Project website: https://friendz.io/

White paper: https://friendz.io/file/whitepaper_icofriendz.pdf

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What does the company/project do?

Friendz is a mobile application that lets its users to participate in digital marketing campaigns of major brands by posting on social media, and are rewarded FDZ tokens if their content is approved.

The company believes word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool, thus its goal is to connect brands with their target audience using the power of individual users.

Friendz allows anybody to promote brands like a celebrity social media influencer, and allows brands to expand their advertising reach in a new and intimate way.

What are the tokens used for and how can token holders make money?

Friendz currently rewards its users with Credits, which have a pegged euro exchange rate. Users are able to convert their Credits to FDZ after amassing a sufficient amount. Before the introduction of FDZ tokens, Credits would be used to exchange for gift cards and vouchers on the Friendz online store.

The introduction of FDZ allows Friendz to skip the middle man in rewarding their users, as they will be able to convert the Credits they earn into a token that can be exchanged for fiat money.

FDZ token is also used by companies that want to purchase marketing services on the Friendz Platform. Companies can pay in fiat, but will receive a discount if they pay using FDZ tokens instead.

Friendz plans for premium features and games to be available on the platform in exchange for staking FDZ, as well as offering special features that increase their engagement using Friendz tokens.

As Friendz acquires more users, the value of the Friendz advertising network as well as the FDZ token should increase. Every user that publishes content on the Friendz platform will also expose their social network to the Friendz platform, which will allow for steady and natural growth.

More users means more people reached, so advertisers will eventually be willing to pay more as well as pay in FDZ in order to participate in campaigns on the Friendz platform.


– Unlike a lot of other declining startups that have raised funds through ICO, Friendz is actually a growing company. The company was founded in 2016 and already has 35 employees, and has worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies. This shows the credential of the company and the team.
– Influencer marketing is a new and rapidly-growing industry, especially for influencers with a smaller audience. Friendz is well positioned to benefit from this trend.
– The integration with FDZ token requires minimal change to the business model so it likely won’t deter the app’s growth.


– Brands and advertising agencies can use Friendz’s services with fiat, potentially reducing the demand for FDZ tokens.
– The only social media platform that integrates with Friendz is Facebook for now. The lack of additional platform integration is considered slow in development progress as the app was launched two years ago.
– Also founded in 2016, Indahash has a very similar business model as Friendz and is more advanced, having worked with 400 clients in over 70 markets and 8 of the top 10 largest media agencies in the world.


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