How to Market Yourself on Social Media | 5 Awesome Personal Branding Tips

How to Market Yourself on Social Media | 5 Awesome Personal Branding Tips

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Hey Refusers, today I’m going to show you how you can build your personal brand, and stand out on social media in a world that’s noise than ever.

A lot of you realized and asked me about name change “Why switch from clark kegley to refusing to settle” and members in VBA FB mastermind private coaching group as well.

Thought I would give you my thoughts on personal branding in 2018. SO crowded. Especially space I’m in — Self-development. LITERALLY, ANYONE can talk about life. “Hey! this will make your life better” all say the same shit.

I’ve built a brand and channel for over 130k people — six-figure business. JUST NOW starting to click in with direction and who we are as a community. Something I’ve been researching lots about.

Something I’m deep diving into and geeking out on thought I would share it with you 5 eye-opening tips, is that okay?

Alright, awesome.

REAL QUICK NOTE: In VBA I go over Upgraded branding boot camp — 45 min walkthrough of how to start brand from scratch/logo/slogan/fandom — so if you like this and haven’t joined already, DO IT :)

Start here — IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!
Most people start with THEMSELVES. So so so wrong.
Need to Know exactly WHO you’re talking to approach them the right way.

i.e. Avatar of ideal customer — Megan and Justin sitting on my wall. Random pictures of them off google!

i.e. REFUSERS community. There’s an edge to us. Not into cheesy self-help. We reject what’s average and we Refuse to Settle! EVERYTHING I DO from dress, backdrop, branding, speech, etc is targeted towards who I’m trying to reach! 20-30s.

“Personal Brand” is hot right now.
I disagree — do both at the same time.
Create something BIGGER than you!
People need a cause, a new opportunity to follow (Christ, Hitler, Mass Movements)

Also: Clark Danger, Clark Kegley, vs. Refusing to Settle — easier to put out there when it’s not… you. A Little buffer is easier mentally (for me).

3. Be consistent
Set yourself apart
used to take 1-3 exposures now takes 6-12!
i.e. on this channel what I’m using to get to 250k is going deep into my brand. You HAVE to be polarizing. Not generic. Stand OUT!

Get a logo — this is where most start….
Your BRAND is NOT a logo.
Simple over Complex
Choose 3 colors — one accent. Look up color combos online.
Also… YOU. (i.e. outfit, style, speaking, cussing? tonality, stories, examples, your story, etc)

Russell Brunson: create your CULT-ure
Give them a name! “REFUSERS”
Something to be a part of!
Creating a refuser manifesto

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Go out there and crush this!


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