How to get more Traffic on YouTube Video | SEO tips to get more views

How to get more Traffic on YouTube Video | SEO tips to get more views

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How to get more Traffic on YouTube Video | SEO tips to get more views on YouTube Video:

Below are the list of tips to get more Traffic & views on YouTube Video, YouTube traffic is subject to search index or rank, will implements best practice and SEO to get more traffic and views on YouTube video:

• Make video on unique idea or with good/original contents, so you can get more traffic for specific search.

• Do research about your topic and find out computation using tools like Google search Autocomplete, Google Trend and Google Keyword planner, these tools not only shows you traffic for these words but also help to build tags and descriptions.

• Choose nice title, it will play major role in YouTube video indexing and ranking, another is if title is relevant or nice then user will click on video and this way you will get more traffic, more views and more subscribers.

• Write enough description for video at least 200 to 300 words and try to cover all the focus keywords like my case “more traffic, more views & more subscribers, tips, SEO, YouTube, video” etc. are keywords.

• Select proper video tags, here is also the same suggestion like cover more focus keywords and search queries, keywords and phrases to receive more traffi on YouTube video and get more views on YouTube video.

• Video Likes, Dislikes and no of subscribers also plays important role on video rank in YouTube or google.

• User social media for video promotions, because at initial days it is very important, if you get more traffic at initial days then it will get best position in page rank or search result.

• Monitor hits for next few days and optimize your video information using YouTube analytic tools like how much traffic came and from what sources traffic received.

• Embed your YouTube video in your own website or others website such as etc, for others websites you can put your video url if contents are relevant, this will also become major source of your traffic and views counts.

• When video will get replicated in google or YouTube once any updating in video contents, in case of YouTube it take sometimes seconds, minutes, hours or day as well, but in case of google it takes more time then YouTube.

• How YouTube calculates views count, if you video plays for 30 seconds then counted as views. if Video played for less than 30 seconds then views will not be counted.

• Create playlist for relevant videos, your playlist also be searched in YouTube and google, if you used proper keywords then you will get more traffic on YouTube video and also gets more views on your youtube video.
If you implement all the points mentioned above then you will cover all the aspects of the YouTube SEO, defiantly you will get more traffic on YouTube video and will get more views.

I saw many videos across YouTube like use Simple setting to get more traffic on YouTube video and more views etc, This is not true its all about Algorithms, who index your video based on information provided with the video called SEO.

Don’t get used by social networking, use social networking for your use, like for promotions. It will help me lots to get more traffic on YouTube videos and also got more views.
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