How to Do SEO – Beginners Guide to SEO Internet Marketing

How to Do SEO – Beginners Guide to SEO Internet Marketing

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How to Do SEO –
Learn SEO Internet marketing. As on online marketing strategy, SEO search engine optimization is key to driving traffic to your website.

Internet marketing and SEO work together to drive targeted traffic. You must understand how to search engine optimize your website and individual blog posts to make that happen.

We will not go into advanced technical information. Instead, you will learn the basics of SEO Internet marketing.

Search optimization topics include:

* How Google ranks pages
* Using the Google keyword tool
* Why use WordPress for your blog
* URLs count in search engine results
* Apply the Katamari Philosophy




On page optimization is a big part of SEO Internet Marketing. There are certain things you want to do with each and every post to ensure you are optimizing your posts properly. Optimizing will help Google figure out which keyword to rank your content for.

Here are a few things you need to do to have proper on page SEO:

* Keyword in Title
* Keyword in first sentence
* Keyword in an H1, H2, and H3 Tag
* Keyword Bold, Underlined, and Italicized
* Optimizing an Image
* Getting a short description with Keyword in beginning.

These are some basic on page optimization tips you should make sure you follow on each and every post. By following these tips you will be giving Google what they need to determine what keywords to rank your content for.

To achieve the best results with a blog, always remember it is extremely important to be consistent, and provide engaging, value based content for your readers.




How to do SEO:

How to do SEO:


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    However, you have to create sound decisions for your website, too. It is
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  • hùng nguyễn văn Reply

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  • Nicole Nelson Reply

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  • Aletheia Reply

    Thanks for the great content. However, I’m concerned about your adamant
    suggestion that we post several times per week. As a start-up business
    owner who posts highly relevant content that takes many hours – sometimes
    days – of research, posting “free content” more than once a week to my
    business blog would be impossible, especially since I may not have any
    staff for some time to come. Does that mean my content is unlikely to rank
    on Google even with SEO? Based on your points, it sounds like social media
    marketing won’t do much to help at this rate either. Not good news
    considering all the effort I’ve been putting in for the last few months…

  • AlkoSpace Inc Reply

    time time time…who has time to post that many times. hope there was
    another solution. thanks for the video though.

  • Hettie Nel Reply

    Thank you, a great video for beginners.

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