How do i optimize my website for google penguin 4 – 2017 Google Penguin 4 SEO Tips

How do i optimize my website for google penguin 4 – 2017 Google Penguin 4 SEO Tips

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Here is how you can get your website ready for google penguin 4 updates.

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Google Penguin 4 has caused quite a stir in the SEO world. It’s becoming increasingly harder to rank sites on a bunch of PBN links and black hat practices. This new algorism seems to place a huge weight on the trust signals that it receives from your website visitors. Google Rank brain can tell exactly how people interact with your website through click through rates and mostly artificial intelligence. If people stay on your page for great lengths of time and they carry out conversions, they are telling Google that you have a high-quality site that is worth moving up in the rankings. If people arrive on your site and suddenly click away, this tells google that your site is not such high quality and you get knocked down in the rankings. Googles AI ranking system is very hard to fool, even if you buy fake web traffic you will get caught because rank brain is known to track mouse cursor movements.
Google wants to promote high quality websites, websites that solve problems and answer questions. Your website content must also be of the highest quality and usefulness. The content on your website has to be full of facts, statistics and useful information. If your content answers questions that your visitors are looking for this looks good tool google. Be as specific and factual as you can with your content, you have to appear as an authority site. All the basic technical seo factors must be covered also, you can’t have coding errors or missing necessities.
What the rollout of penguin four google will start to rank desktops sights on mobile ranking structures this means that you if you don’t have a mobile site you’re just as good as dead to google. Your website speed also plays an important part of how well you rank you should indicate your site as fast as possible. If your site is slower try optimizing your images are even investing in the content delivery network. Updating your site frequently also help your eyes and ranks, google l likes fresh quality content.
A big thing to watch out for his bad linking techniques. If you have relented PBN sites and up as you may want a start to clean up the links and fast. You should also watch out for your anchor text in your links try not to use too many exact match keywords terms. You must also make sure you use the proper h1 – h2 heading tags. Short URLs are always better than longer URLs, when it comes to canonical tags, the shorter url will always be picked. Try to make 404 error pages useful, you could direct your viewers to something like a newsletter is something.
Penguin 4 is also real time

Google penguin 4 updates brings to attention google penguin recovery. Many people who have practiced back back-linking may have some worrying to do and a lot of long hours to clean up their link profile. Seo in 2017 brings new challenges, especially with the introduction of rankbrain and google using artificial intelligence. If you need help you can contact – they are very good at penguin 4 recovery seo services. You should even subscribe to the youtube channels of Josch Banchynski and John Mueller, these two experts in google rankbrain can sure teach you a lot of valuable information.

Penguin 4 is full of secrets but the main thing that you can take away from it all is the fact that rank brain knows a lot of how people behave on your website. If you want to get increases in your google rankings try to optimize for people and not for google. If your website visitors engage in your website and constantly share your content via social media, you will gain valuable placements in the google rankings. p

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