Guess The Marketing Buzzword | Devinez Le Mot Caché

Guess The Marketing Buzzword | Devinez Le Mot Caché

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Guessing Game in which players/viewers attempt to identify the hidden digital marketing term/expression/word represented by 4 pictures (hints / clues / tips) | Jeu de Devinettes – Riddles to Solve | Quiz bilingue (Français Anglais) et illustré pour mémoriser rapidement, facilement et durablement le langage des professionnels de la Vente, du Social Selling et du Marketing | Every Digital Marketing Term is illustrated by 4 Icons (pictures / images / graphics / drawings) : 4 pictures 1 answer | Devinez le mot caché à partir de 4 illustrations (images / dessins / pictogrammes / croquis) | Jeu (énigmes à résoudre – mots à deviner) pour comprendre apprendre et retenir facilement les principaux termes utilisés par les : Business Developers, StoryTellers, Explainer Video Creators, Personal Branding Experts, Growth Hackers, Inbound Marketing Specialists, Copywriters, Rainmakers, Chief Digital Officers, Lead Developers, Webmarketers, …

Our Thinking Game is an easy and quick way to learn Digital Marketing Vocabulary as it provides better memory retention, involves playing with words and meanings, improves cognitive capabilities …

4 icons (visual hints / tips / clues / tricks / metaphorical & associatonal language) 1 word to be found (marketing term). Players are shown 4 icons and have to guess what the word is.

Learn Online Marketing Vocabulary with this fun Word Guessing Game : Guess What ? Guess Who ? Name That Thing ?

Riddles with hidden meanings to solve from the icons/pictures/illustrations/graphics.

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