Grow Your YouTube Channel FAST: Branding & Marketing Advice

Grow Your YouTube Channel FAST: Branding & Marketing Advice

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Hey all – thanks for the support on the last YouTube Hacks / tips / 101 course video we did. Thought I would share some off the cuff tips and thoughts on branding yourself on YouTube. This is a big challenge lots of us can run into when growing our YouTube channel! Thank you so much for all your support! Thought I would give back what I learned over the past 5 years of making YouTube Videos and finally starting to get the hang of how to grow your YouTube Channel Fast.

Topics Include:

-YouTube in 2017
-How to Brand yourself on Youtube
-How to Get people to subscribe to your youtube channel
-How to get noticed on YouTube
-How to find out the best topics for your channel
-What to do if you are passionate about multiple topics?
-Top lessons: What I learned through 5 years and over 400+ of making videos.


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