Google+ For Business 2014: Google+ Tips | Haroon’s Hangout Ep 16

Google+ For Business 2014: Google+ Tips | Haroon’s Hangout Ep 16

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Welcome to Haroon’s Hangout! The weekly Google Hangout making digital marketing simple. this Hangout is for businesses who want to grow, generate more leads and sales online. This Hangout will give you digital marketing strategies including social media tips, SEO strategies, internet marketing tips, web design and web development tips and tricks.

Haroon Rashid of Khemeia Consulting shares Google+ Marketing strategies – in particular, how to use Google+ For Your Business.

1. Change the way you see Google+
The biggest misconception is that Google+ is a social network with no one using it. WRONG! Actually Google+ is the evolution of search engines. Google+ is actually a search engine that happens to have a social element in it.

By starting to see Google+ in this way will change the way you use Google+ for your business, how you create content for the web (your content marketing strategy); how you build your authority on Google+, how you increase your SEO easily etc.

2. Boost your SEO with Google+
Who owns Google+? (The answer’s in the question!) Every post you put out on Google+ is indexable by the search engines. Think of your Google+ posts as supercharged mini blog posts with extra SEO juice.

Use the space you’re given! Write, write and write some more! Treat your posts as mini blogs posts. Include keywords and phrases so that you rank for things you want to be found for.

Here’s the best part. If your customers are logged into Google (and a lot of people are), there is a good chance they can come across your content – especially if they are in your Google circles!

Being logged into Google affects your search results!!! You will get search results that are linked to whoever you’re connected to on Google+.

For example, let’s say someone is logged into Google and they do a search for “digital agency Leeds”.

If any of their network (i.e. someone in their circles) has some content around digital marketing or has tagged their content with “digital marketing leeds” then those posts are more likely to come up in the search results.

If they weren’t logged into Google, and did the search again, then the results would be very different.

3. Google Author Rank
Get google Author Rank and have your profile pic displayed next to your content in the search results. It gets way more clicks than a generic search result. People like to see who wrote the piece. We’re human.

4. Create awesome content.
The only way you’ll reap these great benefits is if you have something to rank in the first place – i.e. content. No content – no ranking. No content – no leads.

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