Google Analytics Tag Manager Guide

Google Analytics Tag Manager Guide

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Understand the fundamentals of Google Tag Manager, from setting up your account and container to creating tags within the intuitive interface. Anna explains how the tool can help you make key changes to your website easily and without the need for a web developer. She also covers the main benefits of switching to Tag Manager and explains how the code works.

Implementing Google Tag Manager allows for faster, more efficient management of code “tags” and provides a platform for version control and rollbacks if things don’t go to plan.

Tag Manager comes with a growing number of pre-set tags, including Google Analytics, ComScore and many more, but you can also fire your own custom tags, including custom HTML.

With Tag Manager, multiple users can have access to the portal, with the appropriate access (read/write, etc.) and a clear log of changes can be recorded via effective use of the Version Control facility, making code management not only more efficient but also more secure.

Since Anna recorded this video in 2013, Google Tag Manager V2 has been launched which has made it easier to create and manage Tags, Triggers (previously Rules) and Variables (previously Macros). GTM V2 looks and feels much cleaner and is generally much easier to use, being more closely relatable to the layout and navigation we are familiar with in Google Analytics.

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