Get started with Email Marketing (MailChimp in 2018)

Get started with Email Marketing (MailChimp in 2018)

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We are all struggling with sales and marketing, and wonder does Email Marketing actually work?

Here’s a video on benefits of MailChimp Email Marketing and 1 Case Study from Campaign Monitor about UNICEF NEWZEALAND’s Email Campaign.

Enjoy the video!

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Sky Digital Agency has 8 SkillsFuture Approved Digital Marketing Workshops. From SEO & SEM, MailChimp, Facebook, Google Analytics and Content Marketing!

We have recently launched an E-commerce series of workshops for Facebook and Email Marketing (MailChimp).

Other SkillsFuture Approved Courses under Sky Digital Agency
✓ Email Marketing with MailChimp
✓ Grow your business with Facebook Marketing
✓ Facebook Ad Manager Advanced Advertising Tool Course
✓ Content Marketing for Social Media and Websites
✓ Infographics Design Course
✓ 2-day Facebook Marketing and Advertising for E-commerce Owners (New – Feb 2018)
✓ 2-day MailChimp Email Marketing for E-commerce Owners (New – Feb 2018)

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