Forum Marketing Tips.  Forum Marketing Is One Of The Best Internet Marketing Strategies.

Forum Marketing Tips. Forum Marketing Is One Of The Best Internet Marketing Strategies.

Posted by on / 0 Comments This forum marketing tips video came about because I’ve been asked many times about free and duplicatable methods for marketing a business online.

I can’t think of a better way for people, even with no experience, to be able to generate leads online almost immediately.

One of the cardinal sins I see people doing though is spamming their links all over forums in the hope that someone will click the link and opt in. Please DO NOT do this as it makes you look really bad and the industry as a whole look really bad. Just spamming forums is not a way to develop a long term business.

Rant over!

How you can find forums in your niche is just typing into the Google search bar in your browser: “your niche + forum” E.G. make money at home + forum

Here are my top forum marketing tips:

Locate Five Established Forums In Your Niche. You do not want to over do it. Just keep to good, well established and used forums. Look for forums which have loads of people in them (1000 absolute minimum) and at least 15 new threads a day with around 10000 threads in all. This just means that your forum marketing strategy will not be falling on no eye balls!

After that, you want to look at the user agreement and submitting guidelines. Please read the guidelines. Don’t spam, say hello, be a good citizen. Check about links in posts, if you have to post a number of times before you get a clickable signature file, that sort of thing. Don’t want you getting kicked out before your forum marketing strategy kicks in.

Create A Memorable Profile – Quite frequently, forum members will see your post or comment and just click on your user profile rather than the url in your signature file.

So, you want to write an intriguing bio — something that will make you sound intriguing and make users want to see what your site and business is all about.

Provide your website information and a good description of it.

Add other stuff you can think of and remember not to add anything you do not want in the public domain. It’s there for life.

Create A Powerful Signature – The signature is maybe the most important section of an effective forum marketing strategy. A great forum signature wants to:

Attract Eyes
Create Curiosity
Another good tip is to have a banner ad to attract eyes.

Pick a good user name and avatar – be original and maybe use a name which has something to do with your company. Or your real name. Now that’s a novel approach! Profile pic something tasteful (i.e. not downing a bottle of vodka in a nappy. – maybe your dog or a family pic.) Try not to use misspellings, and weird numbers that only mean something to you. Remember, it is your business you’re promoting.

Spend some time lurking – get to know the lay of the land and the main players (the guys that post the most and have the most conversations.) This will allow you to get a feel for what type of content the forum likes and what seems to get people talking the most. Remember it is a community.

Make useful contributions to the group. Forum marketing is a great way to increase online sales for even the uninitiated. All you have to do is provide good, well thought out content either as threads or on your comments. This will, in time, make you look like an expert in your field and people will come to you for help and advice. This is when you can strategically pitch them your company and what it can do for them.

Hope you got a lot out of those tips and can now use these to add another facet to your marketing arsenal.

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