Facebook Marketing For Dummies – John Haydon Interview

Facebook Marketing For Dummies – John Haydon Interview

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Welcome to Haroon’s Hangout! The weekly Google Hangout making digital marketing simple. This Hangout is for businesses who want to grow, generate more leads and sales online. This Hangout will give you digital marketing strategies including social media tips, SEO strategies, internet marketing tips, web design and web development tips and tricks.

Haroon Rashid of Khemeia Consulting interviews Facebook Marketing expert, John Haydon – Facebook Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business.

John Haydon is the author of “Facebook Marketing for Dummies” and the founder of Inbound Zombie.

In this episode John Haydon goes over:
– How he got started in online marketing
– How he built his successful online business
– How he scaled his business
– Facebook marketing tips and strategies to grow a business
– Email marketing tips: How to build an email list through Permission Marketing

Main things you will get out of this video:
– how to build a business online
– how to scale a business online
– how to build an email marketing list
– how to convert leads with email marketing
– the importance of permission marketing (inbound marketing)
– Facebook marketing strategies
– how to get more Facebook fans
– how to get more Facebook engagement
– Facebook Insights
– what is Edge Rank (and why you should care!)

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