Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing Tips

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Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is a hugely valuable tool in your market arsenal if you use it the right way. Here are some email marketing tips that will help you to gain maximum benefit from it.
Send out valuable content
If you want people to continue opening your emails you should send valuable content too, not only promotional one. For example, email newsletter that gives people fashion tips if you are a clothing shop.
Pay attention to the subject line
The best subject lines are informative, whilst also adding a little intrigue. You want to give people a clue as to the content without revealing the full picture.
Remember to keep emails short
Your emails should be straight and give people the opportunity to choose what content they want to read. For example include just an excerpt from each article within the actual email, with a link to your website where they can read the full thing.
Include a call to action
If you want people to do something then you need to tell them so! Your call to action should be simple and obvious, so that people know what action you want them to take.

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