Digital Marketing Strategy Testimonial by Larry Becker for Dr. Sandi Eveleth

Digital Marketing Strategy Testimonial by Larry Becker for Dr. Sandi Eveleth

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Larry Becker provides his enthusiastic testimonial for the digital marketing strategies I gave him for his DIY video instruction business at

We focused on tips for optimizing his YouTube channel.

Hey. I’m Larry and I’ve known Dr. Sandi Eveleth for several years now. We met at a convention called Photoshop World because we both like Photoshop and photography. She told me that she had actually known me for quite a while, since she read my 2003 book about time management using Palm Pilots.

​But these days, Sandi turned the tables on me with the release of her new book, Fix Your Website with These Five Things Starting Now to Grow Your Business. Sandi is my teacher now and not only am I a student, I’m a fan. I have a small business and Sandi was able to really help me analyze my marketing strategies, rework my YouTube channel, and fix things that were broken on my website. She’s a digital marketing strategist and her insights are cutting edge.

​Sandi is the real deal. She researches social media and web-based marketing so you don’t have to. She saves you time and money by teaching you internet solutions with her easy to understand methods.
Sandi is passionate about her work and excited to help people. She gave me a lot of stuff to work on but she explained everything clearly. And, I finally know what I need to do to be even more successful by maximizing the use of my website. Sandi gets it, and now, with Sandi’s help, I get it, too.

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