Digital Marketing Strategy in 3 Steps | D + S + M

Digital Marketing Strategy in 3 Steps | D + S + M

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1. have a dream/outcome/goals/vision/strategy – know the big picture of your dreams…what you want in life…what you want to create…what type of online business you want to build…

2. create a system/website/sales funnel/optin – build a system to build your own email list, sales funnel, product, product delivery attached to system/website, thankyou page, to create the ultimate online system/moneymaking website/webpages to build your dream business online sharing your products/services to the world.
tools to use

3. Market daily – yes market daily and regularly…test out different marketing strategies…find out what works best by asking your real life customers who purchased from you…then focus on that 1 marketing strategy to grow your business faster to the next level and beyond.

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