Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 164 Replay

Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 164 Replay

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13:00 I have potentially came across my first big big account. A prospect wants SEO for approximately 25 websites, which he wants to rank in the 3 pack for various cities 150 mile radius around him. I sat down with the guy this morning and getting addresses for mail verifications is not a problem for him. The options I presented to him are 1. One large website with 25 subdomains. OR 2. Separated word press websites.

I’m leaning towards #2 because I’m a little afraid of future changes that could take down such a large account but what are your thoughts? Thank you.

20:00 Question on Press Release (PR) stack technique.

You mentioned in your video that to identify the PR that will not be purged after 180 days. Can you explain a bit in detail how can we determine which PR will not be purge? Should we wait until 180 days and re-check each link from the report provided by SERP Space?

Also, is it 180days or 6 months before the PR is purged?

29:00 Just received notification from SERP Space that my PR went live. Went and check and realize that the email and brand name has some typo. What can I do to rectify this? Should I order a new PR to cover the typo?

Also, checked with Google news and cannot find any of the PR. In this case, which PR should I build the stack on?

31:00 Are there indications that Google Search doesn’t/won’t return page 1 results for certain keywords/niches? In particular, is there any reasons an optimized (branded) remodeling contractor video wouldn’t lead to high SERPs? Based on cursory research, I don’t see videos ranking for major US cities using common niche related keywords.

37:00 Hey guys, do you charge more for a client to get local exclusivity? Or do you include it with your other services?

40:00 2) What do you use to check site speed? Is Google’s tool okay? A client site is getting scores in the low 30’s. I know site speed is an important ranking factor, but should I focus on improving it before doing anything else?

43:00 3) I took the free trial of MasterMind, and it’s so cool I think I’m gonna stay. I just wanted to make sure, is there any limit to how many questions I can ask, either on the webinars or in the group? I don’t wanna seem spammy, if that makes sense.

44:30 With reference to Map Embeds, can we use Google MyMaps or only GMB embeds? Thanks for all you’ve done this year and keep on rocking in 2018.

46:00 I know it has been mentioned that we don’t need unique content as part of a google site. Can we use spun content for Tier 2 links (or should it be Tier 3)and if so, are there any problems getting this content to index? What would you use to index this type of content?

50:00 Will SerpSpace be offering a traffic program similar to CrowdSearch any time soon? Some of the MasterMind sessions recently touched on this topic. It seems the CrowdSearch service is not as effective as it had been in the past. Thanks for the very powerful material in the MasterMind program

51:00 I have a site that’s using post names for permalink structure, so I can’t quite do the silo structure you teach. But would it make sense to create top level silo pages and redirect my category pages to them, to achieve similar effect?

54:00 Hey guys, Ralph Peterson here, how can I tell if a site has been penalized by Google? (I’m sure that has been asked before, but hey I’m an #SEOrookie)

56:00 Do you think that embedding google doc via to around 1000 web 2.0 with spammy content can lead to suspension of google account? It happened and I am trying to figure the reason. Did not do anything else with that account.

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