Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 149

Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 149

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0:00 Intro and announcements

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4:00 Bradley discussing the mindset series

7:00 Can you tell me, what’s the difference between a syndication network and an RYS stack? Syndication network via IFTTT looks like a great way to push new content out. Not sure what an RYS stack is or how it works in conjunction with syndication network. Can you explain?

Done For You RYS Entity Stacks:

RYS Reloaded training:

15:00 Want to thank you for your dedication to our success! That battle plan is great help to me as it gives me the exact direction to go and steps to take. Thanks!
I am planning to switch all my money sites to HTTPS. Will my site lose back links that were previously built? Should I do some redirecting on domain level or cPanel. Or will it auto 301 redirect to https?

20:00 Are WP multisites better using subdomains or folders in the main domain? It depends?

I started with subdomains, thinking about freedom benefits with backlinks (as I know, because of independence of different subdomains), but could be nice if I could have few tips about which option is better for each case (or a link if you already talk before about this).

And also if link building strategy should be better to main domain at first, to each subdomain, etc.

28:00 What about sape links? Do they work? Relevant and not relevant?

31:00 One of my clients has 6 locations, one of them in his single GMB account is a PO box. If it is reported/removed from Google Maps, does it jeopardize the other locations in the GMB account? Or does Big G only remove the problem listing? Im hesitant to move the sites to a multi location silo if there’s risk the entire GMB account is at risk for the PO Box location.

34:00 Hey guys, when saving an image from another site, do you right click and choose “Save as” or do you use a snipping tool like Snagit to take it? I know from Maps Kingpin that snipping it means it won’t have any meta data, but is it something I should do even when not optimizing for Maps?

40:00 2) I have a client who has a huge amount of reviews on FB and GMB. They’re mostly 5-star and I’ve realized I need to make use of those. A few weeks ago BB mentioned a review plugin that embedded the reviews on the site. That sounds cool, but how would I use it? Where would I place the reviews on the site? Would I have a dedicated page, or just drop them around? Just wanted to see how you guys leverage reviews.

43:00 Adwords:

Let’s say you the keyword is “plumbing services”

Business A bids for “plumbing services” as a PHRASE MATCH…. so “plumbing services Dallas” would trigger the ad.

Business B bids for “plumbing services Dallas” as a EXACT MATCH…

Could Business B appear BEFORE Business A in the SERPs at a lower CPC just because it is EXACT MATCH? OR… highest BID with best Quality Score wins??

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