Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 138

Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 138

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0:00 Intro and announcements

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4:00 Upcoming webinar series announcement with Marco!

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7:00 When publishing a PR that links to my money site should I post the article FIRST on my site, let it index then send the PR with a link back to THAT post, it will work like the post was syndicated from my MS or no need to post on the MS, just the PR?

12:00 Bradley, I loved your answer last week about the call answering service for Mohammad’s question, would you be willing to share some of the screening questions that you use please that would be a big help! I’ve found a company in my home town that offers this exact service, it’s a 10 minute walk away so would love some advice on this as I love the idea of pre-screening calls

13:00 The quote is from Joseph Campbell – “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek” I have this pinned on my wall as the fear of contacting business owners has definitely been a stumbling block for me as video marketing has been my main skill set but local not seo, even tho I’m gaining traction, that fear has held me back, and those well lit caves are baren, it’s that dark unknown cave in the corner that’s the problem but I feel this is a quote to live by what do you think?

17:00 I’m setting up a local AdWords funnel like the one on Local Kingpin.

Niche is home building, main keywords are “home builders” “new home builders” and “custom home builders.” One thing I don’t know for sure is if these count as variations of one keyword (“home builders”) or multiple keywords.

19:00 Is it normal to suddenly have the homepage of a site disappear from Google? One of my homepages disappeared overnight. A site:search confirmed that the rest of the site was there. Just one page (highest ranked one) was gone. Should I manually submit the link, or wait and see what happens?

21:00 Is there a way to do the Switchbox method with a business’ Google Map embed in Serpspace?

23:00 Getting started with my own SEO business (you guys are awesome) do you have any tips or tricks for getting usernames and passwords from another agency that built the client’s site?

28:00 How important is it and what would be the effect of structured data markup in the first few weeks of a new website?

32:00 I have a question around your TAS2.0 gig on serpspace

TAS 2.0:

I have a clients site that ranks very well “service+city+cbd” in Maps – It is a CBD Location

Lets say I need to improve rankings for keyword say “Physiotherapist Dallas”

But also want improvement for Frozen shoulder Treatment Dallas, Lower Backpain Dallas

Your thoughts on this? I was thinking of using your TASweb2.0

Option: Seperate keywords into three seperate gigs, say 1 main keyword per month over three months

Each TAS2.0 gig, 1 web2.0 would target the relevant service page say Frozen shoulder Treatment

The other 4 web2.0 would link to injuries to do with Frozen shoulder Treatment and link to 4 supporting posts that also link back to that relevant service page

Option 2: Each of the 5 web2.0 target a different subset of keywords, so one Web2.0 would target Frozen shoulder Treatment, another lower back pain etc

40:00 I have a brand new site with content already published. It is a couple of months old and nowhere in the rankings yet

What Serp Space package would you recommend? How would this work since a lot of the content is already published on the website?

44:00 I have a client who has had a website with Findlaw. I created a WordPress site. Both sites were ranking high in maps. Just recently his phone stopped ringing. Checked moz, no sign of duplicate content. I am kicking Findlaws ass in terms of seo because his gmb goes to my site. There are no signs of findlaws site when he looks. I see both sites everywhere. I have set up a tier 1. He is not sure how to proceed and may want to take down my site. Thoughts?

56:00 What is TAS2.0 service?

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