Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 135 Replay

Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 135 Replay

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0:00 Intro and announcements

New to Semantic Mastery? Start with these HDHO weekly webinars and the Syndication Academy:

Have questions or need to find something – start here:

7:00 “Blog properties like tumblr, blogger and WP – do they count as a tier one network? Or are tumblr, WP and Blogger already tiered 2 networks which aren’t counted to the rest of these properties? I’m confused about this detail… and now don’t really understand which and when these properties are becoming tier 2 or one? Can you help me and give me some explanations why it is like this? And why not? So that I get it?””

12:00 Hey there, kind of a newbie question but here it goes –
When looking at your anchor text profile as a whole, does Google’s algorithm only factor in links on indexed pages or non-indexed pages as well?

This question became very important for after I realized that the majority of my Web2 links were not indexed. (I built these primarily to balance out the anchor text)

18:00 Also, switching gears… do you guys send traffic to all your PBNs, just some, or none at all? How important is this moving forward?

23:00 When you sell a video ranking service and you give them 3 keywords for the first month do you give them new additional keywords the second and following months or are you just supporting the original 3 keywords for all the months that follow? If they get new or additional keywords how often does that happen? What is your process for sharing your results with the client?

28:00 How do you describe to the client the type of ongoing support work you will be doing for them so that they see the need to pay you for the following months? What kinds of work and how much of it are actually needed in those follow up months and how much do you charge a regular client (not wholesale) for one video for set up fee and monthly support?

33:00 Better using my PBN links directly to MS or using my Syndication Tier 1 as a buffer? That way I can also link from the same post to 2-3 properties and it all converts in power to MS. And maybe to RYS properties, I’m just not really sold to it yet (maybe because I never tried…).

36:00 And for test and speed, what is the best order to target properties building: Video – Adwords – Maps – Organic?

43:00 I am currently producing a video for my seo agency website where I explain 5 tips to hire a great seo to business owner. I want to do it like how you did for syndication academy where I stand infront of the camera and talk to the business owner.

I wanna ask how do you speak so smoothly infront of the camera? Did you actually have a script or you just speak out the thought in your mind and even if you have script, do you have any tips where it doesn’t sound like you are memorizing the script?

Teleprompter Pro Android:

Teleprompter Pro iOS:

47:00 I am not a member of RYS Academy, I am waiting for the next program to drop. Having said that I have been playing around with Google Drive Properties, but following all the pieces I have picked up here and there I cannot get any of the Drive Files to INDEX (not rank but simply index). I have tried drive files on two separate drive accounts, and submitted all links to SerpSpace Indexer.

I know without seeing a link it is hard to diagnose, but I have gone through and triple checked that everything is public but they don’t index. I also created a “New” Google site over a month ago and it still hasn’t indexed despite being set to allow search. Having said that I create a “Classic” Google site and it indexed almost immediately. As soon as I get my next GMB location verified I will order a Drive Stack, but I can’t figure out why the files aren’t indexing. Is there a way to test that all “Public IMS” (Index My Shit) settings are correct?

53:00 My established blog has a branded network and the YT channel has its own 2 tier. I will be adding some of the videos to some of the already established individual pages on my blog. However, when I post a video to the YT channel, if I also want to syndicate it out to my branded network as well – Do I create a separate post for that video and set it to no-index? My website is siloed well and ranks and I do not want to mess that part up. Thanks.

USPS Form:

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