Digital Marketing Myths of 2016 | Ep.15

Digital Marketing Myths of 2016 | Ep.15

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In today’s Digital Block we talk 4 Small Business Marketing Myths of 2016. Let’s do this!

So, you’re a small business owner, right?

You’ve been bombarded with content on a daily basis. Whether it’s content you stumble upon on Facebook or an article you peruse while on your favorite news site, it’s hard to differentiate the real from the fluff

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Yeah, I get it.

So, in this quick-fire episode, I wanted to run down a few myths plaguing small business and what they can do to counter.

Big Traffic On My Site Means Big Money, Right?

This one is definitely a no (unless you’re a large blog with well-placed ads). Your website or campaign could be getting 900,000 clicks a month, but what is it really equating to? Web traffic can be great for SEO, but you really want to identify your main KPIs.

These differentiate based on your type of business, but usually fall under:

Opt-in Registrations or Form Completions

How many people are signing up after visiting your content? How many dropped off?

Campaign Click-Thru Rate

How many are clicking your ad as opposed to seeing it? A high CTR would indicates more engaging and relevant content.

Social Interactions

Are individuals sharing or commenting on your content?

So, if your business is an ecommerce store, some great KPIs would be email subscriber signup completions or how many engagements and shares a particular garment or product received versus others.

Having solid KPIs can help you make adjustments in the business almost simultaneously.

I should use every single social media platform, right?

This one is a resounding NO. Now, if you’re scared someone might take your name on a specific platform, it’s a good idea to check out to secure your name on each platform. Other than that, there’s no reason to post content consistently on 10 social platforms. One reason being, it might not be conducive to your target market.

If you’re a chef looking to showcase your food, Instagram might be a better place to show off your chops than the LinkedIn feed. Also, I’d recommend placing your focus on 3 platforms that are used the most by your ideal clientele. You can repurpose that content for other platforms that you post on less frequently.

One example could be a blog post you then convert to slides for slideshare. You can still use these other platforms to showcase your content, but it doesn’t have to be as consistent as your top three. It’s better to focus your efforts than to spread yourself thin since social media takes a considerable amount of time to create and post.

Our last myth is…

If you build a website, they will come.

Um, no. Building an amazing website that provides a stellar user experience is great, as users who visit the site will have a great funnel that initiates action.

However, I can’t tell you how many times small companies assume redesigning their website will equate to engagement, traffic and sales.

Could it happen?

Of course, but you need to have an action plan for your website once you launch. Some examples include:

Email Marketing Campaign

Announce Your new Design, Offer an Incentive to Visit the website for Returning Users or use this time to drive visitors to subscribe to your new website’s content.

Social Media Campaign

Setup a campaign to take advantage of your new website’s capabilities to capture and convert new users using blogs, infographics and other content that drives traffic and increases revenue.

Link Building and Other SEO Tactics

Have an action plan for building off-site links. Now that you have a new site, take advantage of the modern look to garner interest and generate off-site links from trusted website’s who will see your modern design as an indicator that you’re company is legit. -5Four Digital is a boutique Digital Marketing Shop in Miami Florida specializing in Content Marketing, SEO, Web Design, App Development and Digital Strategies

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