Digital Framework: HumanThree – Connections for Quality

Digital Framework: HumanThree – Connections for Quality

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Amelia Ukovic, National Manager Employment Services at Vision Australia, discusses her approach to planning content and conversations that connects with the heart of audiences.

She highlights how the HumanThree model can help plan powerful content that connects with the heart and greatly improves more traditional ‘rational’ communications.

This video is part of a series from the Connections for Quality: Digital Marketing Guide website at

It is designed to assist Disability Employment Services and Job Services Australia providers to create more effective Connections for Quality entries, within a broader digital marketing strategy.

Connections for Quality is an Australian Government initiative. It provides employment service participants with a singular online location to assist in making an informed choice of service provider.

The C4Q website was funded by the Australian Government, and produced by Disability Employment Australia. Acceleration was the project consultant.

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