Dead Inside | ExecMindset Raw 001

Dead Inside | ExecMindset Raw 001

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Derek Palizay is a business consultant and marketer.

He is a man of purpose who thrives off of helping others succeed. His never-ending pursuit, throughout his entrepreneurial career, is to leave a legacy of empowering others to reach their full potential.

Through digital marketing, online advertising, brand development and small business consulting he helps other entrepreneurs and businesses succeed across the globe.

Derek runs his company DPA [Derek Palizay & Associates] full time which specializes in inbound marketing and digital advertising. Through DPA, Derek has worked with 800+ brands in the small to medium size business community.

Aside from his clients, Derek is widely known for running the brands “The Modern Marketer” and “ExecMindset.” The former a brand that publishes tactical marketing tips/advice, and the latter a brand that publishes inspirational business content.

Connect with Derek:
Snapchat: derekpalizay

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