CS GO  How to be a Pro Tips and Tricks Tutorial Spray Control in Counter Strike

CS GO How to be a Pro Tips and Tricks Tutorial Spray Control in Counter Strike

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CS GO How to be a Pro Tips and Tricks Tutorial Spray Control in Counter Strike Global Offensive! I explain how to be a pro with some tips on spray control, crosshair placements, shooting techniques and how to improve your skill and rank!
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  • DooM49 Reply

    CS GO How to be a pro Tips and Tricks Tutorial Spray Control

  • Farmerscott22's Gaming Channel Reply

    Doom I’m so proud of you, I’ve been subscribed to the master potato since
    you had 48k subscribers, continue making us laugh and learning more about

  • Malte Klein Reply

    14:28 .__.

  • sweggity sweg Reply

    do you see what I mean

  • Devin Fairman Reply

    Does that make sense? Do ya understand guys? 

  • wesler218 Reply


  • Dubster Hoofz Reply

    Doomy how do you make your sounds so punchy?

  • Michal Przybylski Reply

    Great video man <3 I love it


    That noise gate though +DooM49 Have you had any issues with VMBanana and
    Windows 10?.

  • Assault Zinal Reply

    Way to god mode

  • Jacob Wolosik Reply

    But what do you do if they are strafing like a mofo. I run into sooo many
    guys that just spam A and D and strafe. It’s so hard to hit them. Tapping
    doesn’t work for me like that. That’s why I spray so much 

  • Oxiban Craft Reply

    Nah, the real Pros ALWAYS go for the buttshot 😀
    It hurts waaaay more than the Headshot xD

  • Sx3Supreme Reply

    i think i see what you mean…

  • xenoninja Reply

    New drinking game. Every time you hear laser gun, take. Shot

  • Yuanzhi Wang Reply

    do you know what im sayin’

  • max hofelmann Reply

    See what I’m saying? 

  • QuissProductions Reply

    Great video! I’m LE and I still learned a lot from this! :D

  • Play Gameplays (Leier) Reply

    I might go mad. Some days ago I watched a video of tips and tricks and the
    guy said: “Do not use the UMP-45, it has low bullet penetration and it’s
    only good at a distance! Instead, use the MP7, great bullet penetration and
    easy to control!”
    Now DooM says: “Use this gun (UMP-45), great damage and it’s a LASER GUN”

    Why people don’t use them? It has a lot of bullets, a lot of damage, and
    it’s not bad with the precision…

  • Richard Johnson Reply

    I think I’m starting to.. see what you mean.

  • Lecek! Reply

    Do you know what I’m sayin’?

  • Eldo Zulich Reply

    The gun on the thumbnail is a weapon from TF2 it is the Ambassador.

  • Radius 144p Reply

    Tbh its faster to spray at close range

  • Dovydas Crowley Reply

    As a newbie looking to improve, this stuff is pure gold. Keep it up!

  • עידו אשד Reply

    Someone counted how much “Do you guys understand what im saying” he says?

  • Ramon Amaya Reply

    My life is a lie I’ve been using the ump wrong 

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