Can I Market On A Limited Budget? – FREE Online Digital Marketing Training

Can I Market On A Limited Budget? – FREE Online Digital Marketing Training

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Can I Market With A Limited Budget?

Most businesses have to face an unhappy truth, they cannot afford expensive advertising.

They cannot chuck money at a product like Apple or Coca Cola.

But that does not mean they cannot market…

What Is Your Available Asset – Money Or Time?

This is probably the most important question to ask yourself.

What do you have most of, money or time?

So You Have Money?

If you have money in your budget but no time, then focus on advertising and low cost high conversion options like Facebook Ads – we recommend this to tradesmen and other small business owners who just don’t have any spare time at all!

So You Have Time?

But if you have time but little money, then you can create digital marketing assets that become little soldiers on the internet that bring you potential clients on a regular basis, for free, the only thing you have to spend is some of your time.

But to do that you have to change the way you think about your business, because so many start out wanting to create digital marketing assets online, but they give up after only a couple of months because they don’t get the instant results they want.

But those that invest in this strategy long term reap the rewards.

Are You A Marketing Company?

Now this might seem a strange question, but which of these are you?

Option A: A company that makes widget X and markets it.

Option B: A marketing company that sells widget X?.

If you want to be successful at marketing your product, then option B is the route you need to take.

You need to learn how to prioritise the marketing side of the business and be driven by marketing if you want to sell stuff.

You need to make marketing a constant activity.

Marketing is everything!

How Do You Flip Your Mindset?

The core thing that you need to learn to do, is flip your business identity.

Apple are a marketing company that sells tech.

Red Bull are a marketing company that sells fizzy drinks.

The key to success is realising that you are trying to communicate your product or services to your perfect client who we will call Bob.

You are trying to solve his problems.

You are trying to fix things for Bob.

And all of your marketing needs to communicate that.

When you start thinking about Bob first and not the product first, you are on the way to becoming a marketing company that sells widget X.

So What Advantages Are There To Flipping My Business Focus?

Once you have learned how to market online, it does not matter what product or service you decide to offer, you will always be able to build a business around it, providing their is enough demand for it…

You will have learned the single biggest success skill in business building…

How Can You Make Marketing A Part Of Your Fundamental Activities?

By engaging and connecting with your audience at every opportunity, by helping them solve their problems as a priority, you will start to see that there are activities that you do daily that can be turned into a marketing opportunity.

What Marketing Opportunities Do You See Daily?

Lets say a customer asks a question by email and it is a question you get asked a lot, take that question and make an article or video out of it.

Create an answer that you can direct people to online, that also helps others that are looking for the same solution that don’t know you yet, but now through your content can find you and your products…

Now you have taken a question Bob asks on a regular basis and turned it into a marketing tool for your business.

Where Is Bob Hanging Out?

Every marketing funnel has an entry point, so the question you have to ask yourself when setting up a funnel, is where is Bob hanging out?

Is he using Google search, YouTube search, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter?

Once you know that, create content for him on those channels and make sure you have a free product to point them to.

What Can You Give Away For Free?

Nobody will buy from you until they trust you, so give them a free product that will enable them to learn to trust you.

You will be amazed at the power of a simple PDF tips and tricks sheet for example.

Once you have proven that you know what you are talking about, Bob can move further down you sales funnel…

And now you are thinking like a marketing company that sells widget X…

How Can I Learn More About This Subject?

Want to learn more?

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