Bringing Online Marketing Into Medical Billing: An Interview with Billing Buddies Owner Bonnie Flom!

Bringing Online Marketing Into Medical Billing: An Interview with Billing Buddies Owner Bonnie Flom!

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Watch this 1 on 1 call with Bonnie Jane Flom today, owner of Billing Buddies at as we talk about digital marketing and using social media to grow! The purpose of this call is to introduce Bonnie’s clients which are mainly chiropractors, acupuncture, and osteopathy practices to online marketing! Schedule your call like this at

Gone are the days of paper marketing with newspaper, phone books, and direct mail ads because these ads have no effect on people like me that immediately recycle any phone book and direct mail ads I get. While you cannot reach me with a TV ad, you can get a hold of me on Facebook, Google, or YouTube both with an ad and with a relevant organic message.

With everyone spending time on social media, businesses are wanting in on the action but the problem is that it is just not that easy. As Bonnie was learning about Facebook for her business, she discovered my book on Audible called Facebook marketing and advertising in 2016 at which is also available in my Skillshare class at My approach fascinated Bonnie and she adopted the “why” approach in her business as I explained in the first chapter which was my adaptation of the same idea from “Start With Why.”

After listening to the book, Bonnie decided to join me on Skillshare at and from there to upgrade to the coaching reward on Patreon at available directly at We now meet once a month for this call with the option for Bonnie to make any of these calls available live as seen here and on Facebook at because then anyone can benefit for free in hearing what we talk about!

Bonnie is interested today in continuing on her path of adopting my training and education for her business which she says is already helping her business to grow at a quick pace and afforded her the chance to help at many clinics at one time.

Would you like to learn more about Billing Buddies? Billing Buddies is a full practice management service assisting providers with billing services, training, and education. The specialty at Billing Buddies is working with clients on an ongoing basis to have practices be compliant with industry standards plus creating and maintaining a compliancy manual while performing exceptional billing services!

Billing Buddies have served our billing community in the following capacity:
End to End Test Site for Office Ally and ICD-10/Medicare Testing.
AMBA Members.
National Speaker for AMBA for Three Years.
Member of Minnesota Chiropractic Association.
Member of MN AUC Medical Coding Tag.
Previous member of the Medicare Provider Education and Advisory Committee.
Previous member of the Minnesota BCBS EDI Committee.

If you start working with Billing Buddies after watching this video, would you please let Bonnie know that this video was a part of your decision because then Bonnie will understand better her process for bringing you in as a client!

Thank you very much for watching this 1 on 1 interview with us and we hope you enjoy it!

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Jerry Banfield

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