#AskFirebrand | How to prepare for a job interview

#AskFirebrand | How to prepare for a job interview

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In this video, Becky English, Digital Marketing Talent Agent at Firebrand Talent in Sydney gives you lots of tips on ‘how to prepare for a job interview’.

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#AskFirebrand: How to prepare for a job interview

Hello. My name’s Becky English. I’m a digital marketing Talent Agent here at Firebrand Talent.

One of the questions I get asked most commonly is “how do I prepare for a job interview?”. So really you need to allow for plenty of time, you need to research and you need to rehearse. This is one opportunity that you’ve got to prove yourself. It’s probably a dream job for you and you need to put in as much preparation as you can because you’ll perform a lot better.

So one of the most important things when preparing for your job interview is to do your research. And you need to allow plenty of time for this so that the information sinks in. Google is going to be your best friend. So you need to have a look at their company. Go to their website and any other websites that they have and thoroughly read that through. What are their values? What are their mission statements and how does this align to your own? You need to have a look at their news pages, has there been any media lately, have a look at their social media feeds and just try and absorb everything that you can so that you feel confident enough to talk about what that company does.

So when preparing for your job interview, you need to make sure that you understand what the role is about. You should have your job description, and you should be able to read that through and potentially annotate some points from your past working experience onto that job description. You need to have a think about what your quick wins are going to be. So maybe come up with a 30, 60, 90 day plan, and look at the similar projects that you’ve worked on in the past that you’ll be confident enough to speak about.

So when preparing for your job interview, think about some of the questions that you might be asked and what your answers will be. Typically you’ll probably get asked about your strengths and your weaknesses, and you need to show what you can bring to the role, or how you’ve got over some mistakes that you’ve made in the past, and show ownership and that you can think on your feet and you’re solutions-driven. The most important thing is to say “I” and not “we” and this shows that you’ve had ownership and you’ve taken part in past projects. And also, you need to inject your personality because you’re going to be working with these people for so long, you need to be able to get on with them and show that you build rapport.

So what should you be doing the night before your job interview? Well, you need to decide your outfit and what you’re going to wear. You need to dress to impress. You need to make sure you know where you’re going on the day and how you’re going to get there. Is there any parking, or train stations or public transport? You need to make sure that you’ve got contact numbers in case you are running late and you need to let them know that you are going to be delayed.

And most importantly, get an early night. You don’t want bags under your eyes the next morning.

So to sum up, my final advice on how to prepare for your job interview is to have confidence in yourself. You need to sell yourself because nobody else is doing that. You need to rehearse and you need to research and you need to make sure you are doing those elements plenty of time in advance. And big yourself up. Have confidence in yourself, practise out loud some of your answers with your friends or family, and believe that you can do the job.

Good luck!

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