7 Top Digital Marketing Tips – SOS Creativity TV #1

7 Top Digital Marketing Tips – SOS Creativity TV #1

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Here are 7 top digital marketing tips:

Tip 1- Google Local
Google Local is an effective way of advertising your company or brand. This is a very handy tool provided by Google and a lot of local business are not taking advantage of it. By listing your business on Google My Business, your business information is placed in important places like Google Maps. Local listings are tied to SEO so when users search for localised keywords or terms your company should appear on the maps. For instance, if a user based in Bolton did a Google Local search for a web designer, SOS Creativity would pop up as we utilise Google Local.

Tip 2- Set up Social Media
As we enter 2018, social media still continues to grow with millions of users visiting these platforms daily it is important to take advantage of this traffic. By setting up Social Media accounts and providing value to your audience, you can drive enormous traffic to your website. There are many benefits to marketing on social media but the main one is increased brand recognition. It’s quite simple really, create your accounts/pages, provide value to your audience and watch the followers, likes and comments increase as your business expands. You get more traffic to your site, which all helps build sales!

Tip 3- Content is King
When you’re marketing your business online, it is very important to keep your audience interested. Posting content on different social media accounts or even writing a blog as an update about your company will attract an audience. It is important to write naturally as being too formal [depending on the context] and or “salesy” will repel readers and potential customers. You need to be unique and be able to tell a story if you can do that and keep your audience engaged then you’ve practically won! Lastly, doing a bit of keyword research using helpful tools such as Google Keyword Planner will help in identifying what your audience is searching for. Put two and two together and the traffic to your website and social media visits will expand and increase over time.

Tip 4- Links to your Website
One undisputed method of ranking higher on Google is by having high-quality links from a reputable source to your website. Posting content such as blog posts, which talk about a certain topic, have a chance of being linked. For instance, if you were to write a blog about “how to build a business from scratch” and a more authoritative website wrote a similar post which had the title “10 tips for starting a business”, they could have a link to your website at the end of their blog for further reading. This is a good way to be seen by a wider audience, but this tip will only work if the other website has more authority than yours e.g government websites, larger content sites like Inc, Forbs, Entrepreneur and so on.

Tip 5- Image Optimisation
Optimising your images with keywords is a great way for them to be ranked on Google and Google Image search. When uploading, it is best to use high quality keywords relating to your picture within your image title and alt tags, as this will ensure that your images rank higher.

Tip 6- Send E-Shots
Sending E-Shots could be a good way to help divert traffic to your website. You can send out an email to all of your customers or clients, whether they’re old or new, about yourself, your brand or your company. If you’re writing more content, you could send e-shots to people who are interested in your work to keep them up to date. Consistency is key, nobody wants to be bombarded with emails about you every other day, so make sure you keep your audience updated weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Tip 7- Brand Consistency
As I said in tip 6, consistency is key! A potential customer will only keep their interest if your updates, messaging, e-shots and the whole general style of things are consistent. It may not seem like a big deal but colours are the main source of attraction visually. Keeping colours minimal but consistent throughout keeps interest. As well as logo style, and product/service information. Everything needs to be kept up to date or it’ll bore the potential client/customer.

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