7 Tips for Brick and Mortar Marketing Strategies from GILL Solutions

7 Tips for Brick and Mortar Marketing Strategies from GILL Solutions

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Survival of brick and mortar business is getting tougher day by day in this digital world. So we need to find out ways to improve online presence of this kind of business.

Here in this video we discuss 7 Tips to help create an online presence for your traditional brick and mortar business.

1. Cultivate Customer Service Online – The online platform gives you opportunity to show how you take care of your customers – both praises and complaints- in front of thousands of users.

2. Optimize Local SEO – Hire a SEO expert for guidance.

3. Create a Newsletter – This is a great way to communicate with your customers as well as your potential clients. You can even hire someone to write some interesting content on a monthly or quarterly basis to send it to clients.

4. Maximize Online Visibility – Always update your company’s information online on a regular basis.

5. Use Social Media – You need to have at least one social media account and invest some time on it on a regular interval to promote your business. It might be Facebook, Twitter or Instragram.

6. Measure Everything Online – Analyze and improve your social media engagement using social media management tools.

7. Promote Check-In – Offer incentives or discounts to customers if they check in or at your business and advertise this offer through social media.

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