600,000 Downloads: Successful Content Marketing Strategies with Eric Siu

600,000 Downloads: Successful Content Marketing Strategies with Eric Siu

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How do you grow content from 9 downloads a day to 100,000 downloads a month?
Digital Marketing thought leader Eric Siu knows how. He has worked with major brands like Amazon. As the host of two seriously successful podcasts (Growth Everywhere and Marketing School) with a combined 700,000+ monthly downloads, he understands the work and value of content marketing for business growth.
He joins us on this week’s podcast to explain how to be successful when starting out in content marketing, his creation-to-promotion ratio, the future of digital marketing, and more.

The Top Marketing Mistake

Eric found that every client makes one major mistake:

Their marketing funnel.

Some clients have a bad funnel, others don’t have one at all. Marketing requires that funnel to be in place and drive people to the point of sale.
The funnel is broken when email automation isn’t really set up, the marketing plan is one-dimensional, and the client relies entirely on paid advertising to make up the difference. “[It] generally doesn’t work that well,” Eric remarks.

Think Big: Digital Marketing Strategy

To solve the problem, Eric gives us some insight into how his company successfully markets itself.
The key is to be holistic.
Single Grain clients arrive looking for one specific service. But, one service can’t make a complete digital marketing strategy.
The Single Grain strategy includes a strong sales funnel, paid ads, content marketing, website chatbot, and a range of (growing!) social media accounts. There’s no one answer. The mix of digital marketing strategies ensures “it all rises together.”

Starting Out in Digital Content Marketing

When you start building branded content, no one knows who you are. And that’s ok. “Everyone likes to compare themselves to a chapter 25 when they’re starting at chapter 1 and that’s not fair.”
At chapter 1, you need to build your audience by serious content promotion.
Eric recommends a 10/90 time ratio. Use 10% of your time creating the content and 90% promoting it.
For your initial content promotion budget, he finds an 80/20 ratio works well. Spend 80% of your budget on content promotion. Only 20% is spent dragging them further down the digital marketing funnel. Growing your audience is the primary focus.
SEO is still a strong tool in 2018. Video content marketing also offers huge value because video combined with large social media platforms build relationships at scale. You can even target customer views: those that watch just the first 10 seconds or first 25% of the video. Reaching these views is cost effective for the scale.

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