5 Social Media Tips To Make Money On Social Media

5 Social Media Tips To Make Money On Social Media

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Here’s how to get sales using social media.

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In this video we are going to find out how to make more money with social media. This video is for you if you are just starting out and you don`t know how to get started on social media or you already have a brand or a social media account with lost of followers or if you are doing it for your clients.

The first thing you should do is to go look at your competitors and find out what people are actually talking about, reacting to and commenting on the most. So go to a Facebook page of one of your top competitors and find out what are people most interested in, what is the biggest discussion. These are the topics that you are going to be focused on on your social media.

Then you do the channel specific for Facebook like 3 to 5 posts per day on those types of topics and then you have that going. Now you need to build your audience. This is not the easiest thing, but it is also not too complicated. You can buy an audience, you pay Facebook for Facebook likes, or you network and you make sure that people promote your page or you need to cheat the system.

The easiest way is just to pay for Facebook likes. So once you have the initial audience and you have the content that they react to that they engage with, what do you do then?

That really depends on the platform, but let`s focus on Facebook because that is still the biggest one, the most important platform. In Facebook you need the best possible images, Facebook is not just images, there is more going on, but the number one thing on Facebook is still images.

If you can find the most motivational, most engaging images that are very pretty with really good content on them, that is going to get your page or group to grow. How do you do that? What you can do is to find the kinds of background images that resonate with people the most. I found that nature, really nice landscapes, animals, sports and famous entrepreneurs are the things people are most attracted to.

Then as for the content, there is a very simple formula to follow. You need to give them room to reply, so ask them to reply, you need to throw stones at the enemies, encourage their dreams and forgive their mistakes. If you do those things you will find that content becomes more engaging and people like your content more.

Now you need to flood them with your reviews and other proof that what you are doing actually works. What this does is that they become curious and they are like “Oh, it`s awesome, you are getting awesome results for others and your business is actually working. Maybe I should find out more.” Then you need to make sure that they are clicking on the links, find out some kind of offer, some kind of promotion that people click on.

Once you have that, then you can actually send them to a sales page or an optin so that they can get on a phone call. Then you can sale to them. This is huge because most companies are just like: “I built this audience and my brand is getting out there.” But they are not monetizing, they are not doing the testing to see if people click and then actually taking the offer. That is super important, because that is what is going to actually bring you money and not just likes and engagement.

Most companies tend to freak out when they get a negative comment. What I recommend is engage the negative comments in a private chat and in a result get to know that issues or prospects those clients have. They can become your most raving fans. Do not just delete, it does not really contribute to your business as much as a raving fan.

Ultimately, you need to get people to click on those links as I mentioned before and you need to get your contact like your name, email, phone number. If they do not click, they have been added to a retargeting list on your Facebook and what happens then is they keep seeing your ads that are very cheap to a retargeting list and they click on that and they are more and more convert, more than the initial click.

Hope it helps!

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